Removal Services

     Your move will be programmed well in advance so there will be no problems as your moving day arrives.ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW will set in motion all  the reqired aspects of your move from the box and materials delivery,to the pre packing,to the uplift and delivery to your new home,the unpack and placement of all your prized possessions.

     ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW has all its insurances in place.We only use the latest equipment to wrap,protect and safely load your goods into our specially designed vehicles [ Furniture Pantechs] they are fully equipped with trolleys, tools, ties and furniture felts to protect your furniture during transportation.

 . Accross the street or accross the country, PACK,  MOVE , STORE , UNPACK.  We do it all with a caring, friendly attitude.

     We  know from experiance that if we do the best job we can for you we will be rewarded by repeat business.

We have a small number of quality people in our employ who take care in what they do.Our crew have been with as a long time they put much effort and care into your relocation.Our positive reviews is our testimony.



                      NOT ALL REMOVALISTS ARE THE SAME. 

    Removalists are not all the same although there is room for most types.There are peolpe who really do require a cheap job.

    Some people believe that price is not all that will determine whether or not to use this company or not.  In most cases YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR  it,s uncomman to get a lot for a little outlay.

   Our  prices are competative with any company that uses professional staff, premises and equipment.

Our experienced team can do everything from help with the last minute items to fully pack your home.  We have experience in packing artwork and delicate items.  Using professional packers is a great way to ensure the safety of your valuables.

We can supply all packaging materials and collect them when you are done.  There are no preset packages so you only pay for the time and materials you use, no hidden extras.

  Our storage facility is perfect for clients who need to move out of their existing home before their new one is ready. We can store your furniture until such  time as you are able to complete your move. 

  This makes us your one stop shop for your moving needs, from the box and materials delivery, to the pre packing,to the uplift and delivery to storage or  your new premises, the unpacking and placement of all your prized possessions to the collection of all the used cartons and materials.   All Purpose Removals NSW  has all its insurances in place, and our vehicles [Furniture Pantechs] are fully equipped with all the wrapping to protect your furniture during transit anywhere in Australia including Tasmania.


Around the corner or around Australia, we do all the extras:  We know from experiance that if we do the best job that we can for you, we will be rewarded with repeat business.

All Purpose Removals NSW, has all its insurances in place so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are totally covered.

  We are happy to...

  • reconnect your TV.
  • dismantel and reassemble furiture including beds and wardrobes.
  • place everything in its correct position - just ask the boys they are happy to oblige.
  • multiple pick ups and drop offs.
  • plants and outdoor ornaments, childrens swings and such like.
  • pianos and pool tables.
  • gym equipment.
  • safes
  • etc



 APR, can unpack a few key items or your whole house and then take away the boxes and packaging.We will also put your beds together and make good your washing machine,[reconnect the hoses].