Interstate Removalists


    MOVING is always a considerable undertaking so it is important to choose a removalist that puts your needs first to put your mind at ease, at ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW we do exactly that.

   Thirty two years in business has taught us a thing or two about moving house. Around the corner or around Australia, we must be doing it right to survive this competative industry for so long.

   ON Interstate moves ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW is the only carrier  involved in handling your goods, No outsourcing. We will pick up your goods and deliver them in the SAME truck with NO double handling, NO loading and unloading  from local to interstate trucks  and back again. This is the SAFEST and most COST EFFECTIVE way to move your goods .Steve our number one driver is a seasond veteran with many years long haul driving experiance. Our large interstate truck is regularly serviced and meticulously maintained. You can rest assured that Steve and all your prized possessions arrive on time and in tact, anywhere in Australia including Tasmania.

   For a typical interstate move, our packing team will  arrive a day before the uplift  with all the packing materials designed to best protect your belongings. Under your direction we swiftly wrap and pack all your fragiles  into cartons ready for load up the following day.  The job will be done before you know it so much easier  and safer than doing it yourself. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ONLY CARTONS PACKED BY PROFESSIONAL PACKERS WILL BE COVERED BY OUR TRANSITE INSURANCE,  UNLESS THE CONVEYING VEHICLE IS INVOLVED IN A COLLISION,OVERTURNS,CATCHES FIRE OR IS CAUGHT IN FLOODS.

  ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW,  has been relocating Sydney siders up & down the East Coast of Australia and every where inbetween for over 30 years we have  a perfect no claims record for damaged or lost property on our country and Interstate moves.TRANSIT INSURANCE IS COMPLEMENTARY WE PROVIDE IT WITH YOUR MOVE INDEMNITY UP TO $100,000 if our truck is involved in a collisions,overturns, catches fire,or is caught in  floods. 



   You need to ensure your furniture, white goods and electronics whilst in transit. Its important that you provid as with as much information about the move and the property as possible so that we can  ensure that you have the appropriate insurance cover. No company can afford risk, we have no way of estimating the true value of your move and the contents without some input from you.Insurance policy,s have a cost  and that cost is borne by you the client because it protects your goods.If all due care is taken then there is no liability accepted.