Hints and Tips

                   Hello, my name is Andrew Papanicola I,m the director of All Purpose Removals NSW, I,m proud to say that my career as a furniture removalist started back in the mid  70,s whilst completing a cabinet makers apprentership with  Berryman Furniture .  One of my duties  was to help deliver the furniture, this is where i was taught the art of furniture movement by old school  moving  professionals. These guys really knew their stuff.    

           I have carried this old school  tradition through to the present day. My crew have the knowledge and  expertise to execute your move in a friendly and professional manner, without a fuss. Over the last 33 years we have developed useful hints and tips to help ensure your next move is as cost effective, stress free and as easy as possible.                                                                                                                                                                         

            Our vehicles are fitted  with all the necessary equipment required for ever moving situation.Furniture felts [to cover all furniture and white goods]  plastic mattress covers ,portable wardrobes to hang your cloths in,trolleys and skates to move furniture and boxes with ease, a large array of tools and obviously the KNOW- HOW required to bring it all together quickly and efficiently without a fuss. 



Check furniture for weakness that can be easily fixed, moving could cause further damage.Something as simple as a lose screw or nut.

The home owner can save the removalists time and there for save you money by being prepared for your next move.

Some Furniture ( some IKEA lines) are designed to be transported disassembled. We can help disassemble for you however you may wish to do this before moving day to save time (and money).

Are there special procedures recommended by the manufactures?

Front loading washing machines are often supplied with special rods for the bowl when installed which stop the bowl from damage through transport.

Ice maker fridges and dishwashers may need to be disconnected by a plumber but we are happy to do this as part of our VIP service.

We can provide advice on the best way to ensure your appliances stay safe during handling and transporation.

Plants generally do not travel well. They can not be stacked so take a lot of volume in the truck. This can add to the expense of your move if it results in an extra trip. Ceramic pots become brittle with age and exposure to the elements. Extra care is required in packing however there will always be some risk.

  • Can the way be cleared for close truck access?
  • Are pathways free of obstructions and slippery mildew?
  • Could branched or shrubs be trimmed to facilitate removals?
  • Can the truck park?

Generally speaking, time spent making the access easier and safer will result in a faster (cheaper ) move.

Your possessions will be safer if packed in the appropriate boxes with appropriate materials eg; books in book boxes [small] and only light bulky items in tea chests,[large] glass wear in double walled cartons[small]. This will ensure the boxes will provide the correct level of protection, It will also minimise the range in sizes of boxes making it quicker (cheaper) to pack your moving truck so money spent on packing material can save you on moving time.

Well before your moving day take an inventory of your valuables and consult your insurance company about any changes required to your policies.  It is also wise to SELL or give away anything you don’t want to take with you .  This could save hundreds on moving day.

Remember, moving your posessions is only part of the story, organising internet, utilities etc can take a number of weeks.  It is wise to start these activities a few weeks ahead when you book your removalist.

  1. Pack an overnight bag with essential personal items, for every household member.
  2. Pack valuables and legal papers such as passports and make sure you remember were you put them.
  3. Pack a box of other essential items for the first night, such as kitchen supplies, TV remote controls and so on.
  4. Defrost the fridge and freezer and dispose of perishable food.
  5. Ensure electricity, gas and water meters have been recorded and bills finalised.

If you would like to save on labour costs, disassembling any bedheads, tables or other bulky furniture, and packing them together with screws and any parts.  Our team will be happily to do this if you would prefer.

RELAX, you are in good hands,we are with you every step of the way.

Take a final walk through with the team leader to check everything is loaded and check the utilities.