Interstate Removalists

                                                                                                                       INTERSTATE AND COUNTRY RELOCATIONS         

               MOVING is always a considerable undertaking especially on long haul moves it is important to choose the right removalist that puts your needs first and one you can feel comfortable with.


   On long haul moves we are  the only carrier  involved in handling your goods, NO OUTSOURCING. Your goods are picked up and delivered  in the SAME truck with NO DOUBLE HANDLING, no loading and unloading  from local to interstate trucks  and back again, this is the SAFEST and most COST EFFECTIVE way to move interstate. Our long haul driver is a seasond veteran with many years long haul driving experiance. Our large interstate truck is regularly serviced and meticulously maintained. You can rest assured that Steve and all your prized possessions arrive on time and in tact, anywhere in Australia including Tasmania.

    A typical interstate move has a turn around of four days, DAY ONE  we pre pack all the boxable items, DAY TWO  we load the truck ,DAY THREE  Steve drives to your new state or town, DAY FOUR  Steve and two local removalists unload your furniture.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT ONLY CARTONS PACKED BY PROFESSIONAL PACKERS WILL BE COVERED BY OUR TRANSITE INSURANCE,  UNLESS THE CONVEYING VEHICLE IS INVOLVED IN A COLLISION, OVERTURNS, CATCHES FIRE OR IS CAUGHT IN FLOODS. 

  ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW,  has been relocating Sydney siders up & down the East Coast of Australia and everywhere inbetween for over 35 years, and proud to say, WITHOUT INCIDENT. Our fleet consists of specially designed furniture moving trucks all fitted with the necessary equipment required for every moving situation.