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     All Purpose Removals NSW  is a family owned, Sutherland Shire operated furniture  moving company. We know exactly what you expect from your local removalist, we aim to deliver.   

    All Purpose Removals NSW  has been providing premium removal  services to the Sutherland Shire, across Sydney and  into Queensland for over 30 years. 

    Family businesses mostly thrive on reputation and referrals. ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW  has managed to reach 32 great years, helping the people of Sydney and  Brisbane with their moving  requirements and winning referrals.

    No matter your relocation requirements or the difficulty ALL PURPOSE REMOVALS NSW  has the expertise and know how to make your next move as smooth and stress free as possible.

    We have four specially designed vehicles at our disposal, one for tighter more difficult water front access properties, another larger truck for more open, easier  access properties, we also have a ute for furniture ferrying fitted with the necessary equipment required for every moving situation as well as a pannel van for carton deliveries and small loads.

                                           Why choose All Purpose Removals NSW 

  • All Purpose Removals NSW has been operating as a reliable moving company for over 30 years.
  • Our moving team arrive equipped with tools for dismantling and reassembling furniture and white goods.
  • All Purpose Removals NSW provide complimentary portable wardrobes and mattress covers on all moves.
  • We employ professionally trained and efficient removalists.
  • We use the best equipment for an affordable quicker and safer move.
  • We offer a pre packing and unpacking service.
  • We offer secure storage -only pay for the space and time that you need.
  • We care,therefore our aim is to do the best job we can for you.
  • We want you to be happy with us and our premium service.
  • We can supply all the packing materials you require.Delivery is free.




      You need to ensure your furnture, white goods and electronics whilst in transite.Its important that you provide us with us much information about the move and the property as posible so that we can ensure that you have the appropriate insurance cover.

      No company can afford risk and we have no way of estimating the true value of the move and the contents without some input from you.Insurance policys have a cost and that cost is borne by you the client because it protects your goods.If all due care is taken there is no liability accepted.You can only have one insurer covering your goods.You can not make a profit out of insurance.

                                    A  SUMMARY:   WHAT INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER.

      Contents of boxes not packed by professional packers execept in the event of a collision, fire or overturning.Electrical,electronic or mechanical goods against malfunctions or failure to work,except in the event of a collision, fire or overturning.Any item that is already broken, cracked or in poor state of repair.

        Acts of God,riots civil disturbances,war whether declared or not, strikes,lock outs,and malicious damage by third persons and irate or estranged spouses.Jewellery ,trinkets, paintings and works of art or items of special value, that are not handed personally to the driver with explanation of value and for which a signed receipt will be given to you.In the case of a dinner or glass set ,for example of which one item is broken, then you will be covered for the damaged item only not the whole set.This also applies in the case of any suite or set of furniture.